Cabin Tour - Main Salon
(May 2001, 1 week after purchase...)
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This was the starboard side bench in 2001.
This looks different now, but I won't update the pics just yet.

Note the steel rods. The standing rigging (rod) is attached to
1" thick fiberglass laminate, which is glassed longitudinally into the hull. The good news is you get the structural strength of having your standing rigging built into the hull. The bad news is you lose storage space behind the benches.

I've replaced that funky home stereo with a good system, and added sliding mahogany rails to make the area secure.

Here's the view of the port side.

The entire main cabin is now
lined with LED Lights,
which can illuminate the interior at night
for only .312 amps. That's cool.



In 2005 I added a
12V flat panel LCD TV/DVD player.

In 2007 I added these
sliding panels to hide the storage behind the starboard bench.

A little
custom cork board
for pictures.

I've also made a couple of tables.

A small one, for single person use.

A big one, when needed.

In 2009, finally,
new cushions.

The other bench can new convert into a nice wide berth.