Cabin Tour - Galley
(May 2001, 1 week after purchase...)
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The ice box is huge.

I'm actually glad no one ever put refrigeration in this boat,
but just left it stock. So many good advances have been made in
Insulation and Refrigeration that it'll be much better to do now.

Hot and Cold running water, two deep sinks on the centerline, and a stainless steel work space.

This is a pretty functional galley.
The nice thing about having the solid bulkhead across the widest part of the boat is that it provides a place to put overhead cabinets.

And.. you can shut the door and separate the main living part of the boat from the sailing part.

In September 2002
I added cabinets and a counter to give the boat a
U Shaped Galley.

That was a fun project, and really makes the interior
much nicer.

In 2005 I added this
galley shelf.

The stove is new,
and the entire
propane system replaced.

In 2007 I finally finished rebuilding the fridge/freezer from the hull up.

It uses about 22 Amp Hours a day, for a 2 cubic foot freezer and four cubic foot fridge. That's cool.

All the cabinet doors have been replaced as well.