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Here's the old cockpit, in 2001.

I really hated the teak grates, but they hid the mushy sole, which was totally rotten.

By 2007, the only thing that's still on the boat is the wheel and Ritchie compass.



By November 2007, everything has been replaced.

New steering, new engine, new cockpit sole core,
new nonskid,
new instruments, new everything.

Note that the Bose Speakers can be covered and protected.


I did run out of energy when rebuilding the steering, and didn't put an under-deck autopilot in.

There wasn't room to do it easily.

Fortunately, this boat balances really well, and a wheelpilot has been handling the load just fine.

The Monitor really works well, too.

The new stern seat fits over the new propane locker.



I've added Solar Panels along the custom stern rails.

Also, solar panels
on top of the dodger.

Having dropped the boom on them once or twice, I'm glad I used these low profile panels that are protected by the hand rail on the dodger.

There's a Garhauer Radar Mast and davit.

Part of that original cockpit grate was transformed into a little shelf on the transom, that hangs from the Monitor.