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(Updated May 2002)

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The bow hasn't changed much...
I've been busy with the RIG
(Both Standing Rig and Running Rig.)

It's a cast aluminum bow roller.
Here's June 2002's "After" picture.
I did add a Delta anchor -- it fits the bow rollers where a CQR would not -- although a Bruce would too.
I do like the way the Delta matches the shear line on the bow, but when it comes to ground tackle I don't care how it looks, I want something that will
let me sleep well.

The whole aluminum bow roller still needs work. This is moving up on my list, because the rest of the boat is looking so good that this is now a serious annoyance.

So farI haven't done anything, until I know what I want to do, as I think I'll need to make some changes. Maybe just a Bail over the rollers to keep the rode in place during serious chop. Or maybe I'll design my ultimate Dream Roller
and replace this one.

Yeah right, anyway, this works just fine.

Here is a picture of the foredeck,
after I put the windlass on in 2003.


Update January 2009 -

While in La Paz, I finally replaced the bow rollers and forestay attachment. I'm not doing project pages any more, but you can see more pictures on the blog page.

In 2008, it got a facelift with
new non skid.

Actually, it's changed a lot over the years.

I forgot about the new stanchion bases, new stanchions, new lifelines,
all the padeyes for tethers, downhauls,
and dinghy storage.

All the hatches have been renewed,
and the teak handrails
replaced with stainless steel handrails.