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Updated May 2002

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Here's the base of the Mast in May 2001...


A lotta work...




And here it is in
May 2002.
For more details see
the Running Rig Page

By the way,
I have to tell you that
I'm REALLY PROUD of this.

If you've never done it, you can't imagine how hard it is to pull all these lines back without tangles, and without anything chafing at any point of sail regardless of the boom position.

And it works!
I only had to think on it for a few months...

All the lines lead back
to the cockpit, so the boat can be sailed all day without ever having to go on deck.

That's handy when short handed.

Eventually I added a rigid vang.

Here's the line layout in the cockpit.

I rebuilt the cabin top
while doing the running rig,
after rebuilding the standing rig.