Installing my Xantrex Charger / Inverter

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July 2004 -- When I bought this boat in 2001 I promised that I wouldn't go buy a bunch of stuff unless I was really ready to do the installation. So I rushed right out and bought a new charger/inverter, as the old charger was the original "ConstaVolt" 10 Amp charger.

"ConstaVolt" is exactly what you don't want,
and charger technology has come a long way since 1981.

Meanwhile, other projects intruded, and somewhere along the line I decided to mount the new charger/inverter under the Nav Station.

Of course, first I had to build the Nav Station!
So this sat in the box for three years.

It fits on the new lazarette bulkhead. Barely.
Making the wiring connections wasn't easy,
but it fits.

I bolted a hunk of acrylic plastic on the bottom, to prevent feet or stuff from accidentally pushing a control button or
pulling out a control wire.

The fuse is mounted 7 inches away on the bulkhead.

This is a cool, dry place. The AC panel is directly above it, and the engine compartment is right on the other side of the bulkhead.

After repowering in 2006, I replaced my Ample Power regulator with the Xantrex regulator that integrates with the Link 2000R. The Ample Power still works fine, so I kept it as a backup.


Here's a picture of the shunt.

The house batteries are on the right shunt, and the starter on the left.

Labels are important!

Here's a diagram of
the entire charging system.

Ancor's shielded twisted pair wire runs from the shunt to the monitor control.

This is no place to scrimp on wire!

I also spliced short color coded pigtails on the end of the twisted pair wire, just to make the wiring match the colors on the installation diagram. In retrospect that was silly.

The Link 2000-R panel is mounted in the new AC Panel.

The backlight control for it is controlled from the 'Panel Lights' switch on the House DC panel.