Dinghy Tie-Downs

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July 2005 --

I was getting tired of tying my dinghy down on the foredeck, so made these straps that hold it down securely.

They're made of polyester seat belt material, which is supposed to be extremely UV resistant. That makes sense, since the seat belts in cars tend to look just fine after 10 years.


They snap onto the padeyes that I put down
over the scars from the old self tending jib.

The D rings and buckles are sewn on with Gore-Tex thread, which is also incredibly UV resistant.


It took 10 feet per strap, 20 feet total.

Except for the caribiners, all the hardware came from SailRite.

My dinghy cover was made for a much bigger inflateable, but I don't sail around with the cover on so it's no big deal.

Forward, they're snapped onto
the toe-breaker padeyes that really serve as fairleads for the spinnaker tack line.

The nice thing about this is that I can walk around the dinghy on the foredeck, without having to step over ropes to the toe rails.