Glasses Holders

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July 2005 --

I got tired of trying to find my glasses all the time,
so whipped up these little pockets while watching TV.
They're made out of scraps of sunbrella.

Once upon a time, I was strongly averse to drilling holes in a boat just to mount little stuff, but this will be my last boat (unless I win the lottery) and I'm more concerned with quality of life than resale value!
These are screwed down with finishing washers.

One set of pockets is mounted on the galley cabinets,

They were made in about 15 minutes each!

I started with two squares,
one 8"x8", and the other 6.5"x12"

The first step was to hem up one long edge of the bigger piece.

Then I just sewed the edges together and ran three good lines of stitches
down the middle.

At the top corners of the pockets, I stuck a few reinforcing stitches.

Then the edges were rolled under and hemmed.
That was it.

and the other
is mounted right above the double quarterberth.