First Aid Kit

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March 2009 --

This bulkhead spot is usually covered by that little storage hammock, which is pulled out of the way for this picture.

There's only a couple of inches available. I thought about just putting pockets up there,
but it seemed like a good place to store all the first aid stuff.

Unlike the other pockets around the boat, I made these with square bottoms.
They'll hold more stuff that way.

Square pockets are bit tougher to make.

Here's the process:

These pockets are two inches wide, with sides and bottoms that are 1-1/2 inches.

So each pocket consumes five inches of Sunbrella.

A notch is cut in the bottom, underneath the section of fabric that will become the pocket sides.

Then the bottom is folded up 1-1/2 inches, and sewn as shown.


Three snaps are attached to the bottom hem of the flap that covers the first aid kit.

Screw snaps attach the pockets
to the bulkhead.

I stuck another screw snap in the headliner, so that the cover can be held out of the way when accessing the first aid kit.

It seems simple, once it's done.