Nautical Flags

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December 2008 --

This is something I always thought would be cool.

It turned out to be an enormous amount of work, and now I know why good flags are so expensive.
I think if I had known how much work it would be, I wouldn't have
done it.

The flag kit is from Sailrite, and comes with all the pieces marked out on nylon fabric.


Cutting all the pieces out was easy, but time consuming. I used a hot knife, that melts the edges and seals them so they won't unravel.


Staying organized is important.

As each piece was cut, it was put in a plastic bag.
One bag for each flag.

The good thing about making them myself is that I can make them good and strong. With this much effort involved, I don't want them to rip to shreds in a good breeze.

Here's a little reinforcement on the Alpha flag. Each hem and seam is triple sewn,
so that they won't fall apart.

Each flag has a strip of
nylon webbing along the edge,
so I wrote the flag name there.

To keep them organized, I took a scrap hunk of lightweight Sunbrella fabric, and sewed strips of elastic across it.

There's another one of these for national courtesy flags
and burgees.

It's the middle of winter, and the boat's in the yard for work, so I just put them away.
Next summer, if we have something to celebrate, I might put them all up and take a picture.
They're good, big flags, with dimensions of 18 by 24 inches.

Here's the list of all the flags, as an FYI.

At the bottom, I wrote the single flag's other meaning.