A "Hanging" wet locker

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August 2008 --

I've always intended to put some hooks up on this bulkhead, but never quite figured out the best way to do it.

This wood contraption is made from maple.

I made it in 1996, and it has spent the last 12 years by my door at home. I originally made it for shoe storage.
However, I'm getting ready to move, and am
cleaning out the house, and realized that
it would work just fine on the boat.

This sunbrella contraption hangs from the cabin top, and has some ventilation panels made of Phiphertex mesh.

You can put wet foulies inside,
and keep the rest of the boat dry.

It hangs from little pieces of Flex-A-Rail, from Sailrite.

This bulkhead is just inside my companionway.

I wanted a good place to put wet foulies, so that they don't get tossed on my quarterberth bunk, or somewhere else where they will get the entire inside of the boat wet.

The sides snap onto the maple contraption, so that it keeps
all the gear inside.

As a side benefit, it can be suspended across the entire aft cabin.

This will provide privacy for anyone in the
aft double quarterberth.

Here's a close up detail of the bolt rope at the top of the hanging wet locker.

Sailrite carries pre-made bolt rope,
covered in Dacron.

There are two pieces of
Flex-A-Rail on one side, so that the whole thing stays out of the way when it's not raining.