Jerry Can Covers

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March 2009 --

Whether I keep them on deck (or in the cockpit when underway) my jerry cans are going to be
sitting out in the UV.

The boat just isn't big enough to keep them inside.

So I made Sunbrella covers for them.

They were easy to make.

The ends are trapezoidal, and another single piece wraps
over the top.

I made the hems two inches wide, and the bottom hem is wrapped over twice. This is for strength.
The grommets are sunk through the hems, so the cans can be
tied down securely, and any stress on the cover will be spread across multiple layers of fabric.

Here they are,
lashed to the amidships stanchions.

When I had new stanchions and new bases made, I was planning for jerry can storage.

That's one reason for the steel cross bar.
The bases have big six inch fiberglass and steel backing plates, and are very strong.

I think I'll put a padeye between the two bases, though, to tie them down better.

The grommets allow rope to be threaded under the cover and through the jug handle.
I'll use better rope, when the time comes.

Also, I'm going to swage some eye fittings onto steel wire, which can be threaded through the grommets and handles,
and locked down.

These jerry cans were given to me
by an old cruiser who was moving back to land.
They are made by Chilton.
I like them, as they have a trapezoidal cross section, which keeps the center of gravity low.
They don't fall over.

While I was at it,
I made a cover for the little gas can.

This cover has a flap on the bottom, since the gas can will live
on the transom shelf.