Lee cloths

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August 2008 --

Here's a quick nod of appreciation to this Sailrite sewing machine. After ten years and a lot of sewing, it still plugs away.

Another favorite tool is this cheap hot knife. It's really just a soldering iron with a flat blade.
It came from Sailrite as well.

Here is the starboard lee cloth.

The port one is the same, only shorter.

I made 24 inch panels, that are zipped together using YKK zippers. The zippers make it easy to get in and out of the berth without having to mess with all the ropes.

The end panels were cut down to about 18 inches, so there's room to see around the ends.

Here's a close up of the zipper connection.

It's finished on both sides.

The lee cloths are about 38 inches wide. I just took the 42 inch wide sunbrella fabric and put a hem on each side.

They extend way back underneath the cushions,
so when the boat is heeled over there's no discernable transition between the bench and the cloth. When heeled, the whole thing is
like a hammock.

Also, they need to be far enough back to clear the hatches in the bench.

They were screwed down
with fender washers.

Each end is doubled over for strength.

Fortunately, I have handrails along both sides of the cabin top.

Using 24 inch pieces of webbing,
I sewed up some loops.

The rope is just 1/4 inch nylon,
so it's stretchy. The rope clips onto the webbing loops with carabiners from McMaster-Carr. This makes it really easy to set them up
without any hassle.

The small brass ones work for a single pass of rope. I also had some bigger stainless steel ones sitting around, that work best when the rope loops through more than once.

These cheap carabiners aren't worth much outside the boat, because the spring isn't stainless and begins to rust up.
So, I've had a bunch of them just sitting around waiting for me to find a use for them.

About ten years ago I bought 100 of these brass
toothed grommets.

Well, I got a good deal on them.

I still have about 70 of them,
so I'm always on the lookout for something that needs a grommet.

I sunk three grommets
per sunbrella panel.