Nav Station Curtain

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January 2004 --
I built my own nav station.
The problem with a Nav Station right under the companionway is . . . Bad Weather.
Face it, the area by the companionway gets soaking wet during bad weather, and
it would be nice to have some options available if life gets stinky.

This is 'flex-a-rail'
from SailRite.
It's black to
minimize color changes after
UV hits it for a while.

The curtain is
Sunbrella, with a prefab Dacron-covered
bolt rope to slide into the rail.
I totally screwed up
the hem on the edges and had to do an odd looking fix.
(Note to self: Sewing and tequila don't mix.)

The edge against the companionway is
held in place with snaps.

A swinging radar display goes here eventually, so snaps will be good to allow a bracket to sneak under the curtain.

A few
brass grommets
along the bottom edge,
so it can be bungied to
this little eye that's
stuck down low.

You can also see
the first coat of paint
on the nav station floor.
The second coat will be
a different color.

Anyway, here's
the view from the cockpit.
The grommet at the aft end can be folded back and hooked onto the same bungie cord (right,) or
if it's really stinky it can be hooked back to another eye and make a little tent
over the nav station.

It doesn't hide the view of the clock from the helm,
which is important.