Sunbrella Bag for dinghy oars

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August 2008 --

There are times when you really need to keep the oars on the dinghy, but having them clipped along the sides can be annoying.

Also, I needed to store them somewhere,
so I made a little bag for them.

My oars are in two pieces that snap together.

Here's a close up of the loop construction.

I like to sew a scrap of leather inside loops, so they won't chafe through over time.

For awnings and things, I'll take a piece of webbing and cover it with sunbrella, then line the inside with a leather scrap.
But, for this little bag,
that would be overkill.

Here's the bag,
turned inside out.

I put some leather at the foot of the bag, so the oars don't wear through the bag over time.

This was a bit of overkill,
but what the heck.

I sewed another loop and ring into the top of the bag.

All that sunbrella and leather was really thick, and my sewing machine was having a hard time working though it.

So I reinforced it by hand, with waxed polyester thread.

There's a really strong loop and ring sewn into the bag, so that it can be secured to the dinghy.