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September 2008 --

I'm gradually trying to move aboard, spending about half my time on the boat. It quickly became clear that I needed to change the way the boat is organized. For seven years, it's been a project boat, and just day sailed with occasional weekend jaunts.
So, there were tools and parts stored everywhere.

That's over.

Now I need to focus on "a place for everything,
and everything in its place."

I've been busy sewing
panels of pockets,
to cover every suitable
spot in the boat.

The space behind
the main cabin door
was only occupied by
the galley fire blanket.

This big panel of pockets works out well.

Of course, it only can hold small, flat items.

There was a place for four little pockets
in the nav station.

As a rule of thumb, the fabric for the front part of the pocket is two inches wider than the back panel.

However, that gets adjusted based on
what will potentially be stored.

Also at the nav station, I put a special pocket for my prescription reading glasses.

These have the same power on the entire lens, so I can only see about 18 inches with them.
But they're really useful
at the nav station, as the radar and other instruments are above my head and trying to see with bifocals is a challenge.

Getting old sucks.

This is a flat pocket, on the bulkhead behnd the nav station.

It seems like a handy place to keep paperwork.

Note also the "Bulletin Bar" that's holding the Monitor installation drawing.
That is really handy for holding single sheets of paper.
It's from McMaster-Carr,
part number 82905T43.

I replaced the
sunbrella glasses holder

over the double quarterberth with a larger panel of pockets, with three pockets for glasses and sunglasses, and two larger
general purpose pockets.

This is
kinda cool.

The shelves along both sides of the
V Berth have fronts that are
3-1/2" high.

Up in the V Berth, there was an open space on the side of the hanging locker.

This is a fat pocket,
with eight inch sides.

I don't know what will go in these little "pocket bars,"
but I'm sure they'll be really handy.

This is the bulkhead in the main cabin, next to the galley.

I'd always planned on putting a picture here, but this is
a bit more practical.

The top pocket is for bread, and the bottom is for fruits and vegetables.


The front panels are made from Phifertex mesh, a fabric made from loosely woven vinyl coated polyester.
Normally that's used outside for a sunblock that still provides ventilation, so it should work well for this.

Phifertex comes in many colors and patterns, but I had this off white stuff already, left over from another project. I'm trying to use up materials that I already have, as
I'm cleaning out the house.

This mesh double pocket,
mounted in the quarterberth
next to the companionway,
is big enough to hold shorts and towels. The mesh should allow air flow and slow down any mildew.
I imagine this will hold damp stuff.

A little tiny pocket,
made from scraps,
for the stereo remote.

These two pockets are really big.

They're like bins.

I plan on storing clothes, socks, underwear, and stuff like that
in them.

There was a spot on the end of the quarterberth cabinet,
so I stuck another pocket there.

These pockets are back up in the V Berth,
under the new bookshelves.

These two little 4x4 pockets were intended for another spot, but I like this spot better.

4x4 is a nice size pocket. I should make more of them.

But, to be honest, I'm getting tired of sewing pockets.

This "quad pocket" is back in the double quarterberth,
at the head of the bed.

I was a bit concerned about them, since I didn't want to interfere with one's ability
to sit up and read in bed.

I might remake them, and do some square bottoms.

I wanted them bit enough to hold soft stuff that can double as head rests when reading in bed.

It's such a handy spot,
I hate to waste it.

Back to the V Berth.

I had planned on putting mahogany slats up here, like back in the quarterberth.
But I'm out of time.

But this is going to work great!

I made sunbrella pockets that completely hide the
ugly old vinyl.

I made the top hem triple thick.

It's screwed into the bottom of the shelf.

Here's the port side.

I think I should have made the back side of these pockets about six inches longer, so that it would tuck under the cushions.

We'll see if it matters. Propably not.

These pockets are special.

I failed in two attempts to make a wooden rack for these four Mexican
shot glasses.

So, what the heck.

They're mounted inside one of the galley cabinet doors, because I really don't want these shot glasses to get loose and fly around the main cabin.
They're really heavy, and if the boat gets knocked over it would be a bad thing to have them fly loose and possibly break.

Okay, I'm really sick and tired of sewing pockets.