Sole Wars
Episode III: Revenge of the Grinder

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The top lid came off in sections.
It was easier to grind it off that way,
and also made it easier to put back together. I'm going to put a new surface
over the whole thing,
so aesthetics aren't important

There's nothing exciting about pictures of grinding and sanding fiberglass, so I left them off this page. A 36 grit sanding wheel
on the grinder scuffed both sides of the sole
down to clean glass.

My original plan called for little strips of original sole to be left in place, so when I put the new surface on I could have channels running from side to side for water runoff.

I gave up on that.
Too much work.
I'll leave little channels around the edges.

I rushed, slipped and
took a nice hunk out of my finger.

A 36 Grit wheel on a grinder goes through finger really fast.

I hate when that happens.

The great thing about fingers is that they heal really fast. One time I cut the end of my thumb off,
and today you'd never know.

Cleaning up under the edges of the lid, where I left a little lip, presented a challenge. I found a cheap sanding pad
at Home Depot that could be
mounted upside down.

My good, expensive pad wouldn't work,
but this cheap thin one would fit.

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