Making a wider port bench

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September 2008 --

I've always thought it would be nice to use one of the bench backs to expand the port bench into a nice wide
place to sleep.

This turned out perfectly. The seat back is exactly the right length to fit between existing cushions and the U shaped galley.

I didn't plan that when I made the U Shaped galley, and it's pretty amazing that the dimensions fit to the inch.

It makes the bench
three feet wide and
six feet long.

The cushion is supported by a marine plywood plank, with a teak fiddle
on the outside edge..

There is a matching teak brace on the keel stepped mast.

The small teak block keeps the platform from moving.

I added a strip of teak along the bench edges. You really don't even notice it with the bed is put away.

The big fiddle is noticeable when sleeping on the bench, and I might make the cushions thicker when I remake them.

The platform slides easily behind the bench back cushions when not in use.

Note that the cushion fits all the way to the galley counter, but I didn't make the plank that long.

It's important to be able to fold the little table down against the counter if desired, so two people can
sit on the bench and watch TV.

I cut a little notch into the support to hold an aluminum angle iron. This support is needed, since there's no brace
on the galley counter.

I still need to add
bungs to the braces.

Other small teak blocks are attached to the bottom of the platform, to prevent it from sliding along the braces on the bench.

A few months later I made new cushions, and the bench back is now held in place with snaps.