Water Deck Fill

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The old deck hole
was plugged with epoxy,
after reaming the core back.

I painted the heck out of it,
since it's on the deck and is going to get scuffed up and abused.
It's the same Interlux Ocean Blue color that I use for all the little trim pieces on the boat.

The fitting is solid cast stainless, so it'll stay nice for the remaining life of the boat. It's low enough so that you won't trip on it, but high enough to keep most deck wash from running over it, so if I develop a leaky O Ring the fresh water will be protected.

Oops, I should have dusted it off before taking this pic! These short winter days make one hurry.

The water fittings are the last two deck fills to replace. The chrome was wearing off the bronze, and I knew the core wasn't sealed. This is a good time to do it, as I'm replacing the stanchion bases and have the epoxy out.

Besides, I want them to match the pumpout and diesel fill fittings.

I made some rings out of a chunk of fiberglass from McMaster-Carr,
using a 4 inch hole saw, cambered the edges to 45 degrees with my bench belt sander, then wet sanded them smooth.

Now it matches the green diesel fill and the black pumpout fitting.
Isn't that special.