New Stern Rails (pushpit, whatever)

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Well, Merry Christmas (2004) To Me!
Yup, just spending money left and right. Whee. (Argh.)
Below is the new dodger, which is very nice, and the new stern rails.

There was no obvious way to extend out the corners
without making a radical change in appearance,
so our focus was to get the job done
without making it too ugly.

Instead of following the hull,
the aft rails follow the lines of the cockpit.
I'd originally thought they should curve in a bit,
but this works.

We reused the original bottom rail, but raised it up 4 inches so that the top is 28 inches off the deck.
Reusing existing metal helped keep the cost down.

I got rid of the swim ladder at the stern and extended the rails forward. The stern rails extend out a bit on the corners to make room for seats. It really opens up the cockpit, but makes it more secure at the same time.

I worked with a local welder. I don't have the tools for this job, but I did the design and took a couple of days off during
the bending and tacking phase.
That was important!

There are little tabs to bolt the seat down.

I used Lifecaulk.
Not to stop leaks,
but to fill all the little spaces and
keep water out,
to prevent rust.

The seats are great for sitting.

Good thing, huh.

I was really worried that I was creating a horrible mistake,
but I think it's going to be great.

I made them from
1/2" Starboard, the
UV Stabilized polyethylene.
It works just like wood.
The edges are routed over and
wet sanded with 320 grit.

Now I finally have some
'out of the way'
seats in the cockpit.

A couple of weeks later
I added padded back rests.

The rails are welded
onto the new stanchion bases,
so everything is strong.

It looks fine.

There's no way it'll pass off as a stock C&C LF38,
but that was never my goal!