Run the BBQ off the big tank

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March 2008--

I celebrated the new propane installation by getting a new Magma party sized gas barbeque.

It'll get hooked up to the low pressure side of the tank, so that the solenoid will also control whether the hose is pressurized. That way I won't have to open the locker up every time I want to use the BBQ.

Inside the locker, there's a Trident Tee fitting with integral valve.
It's well secured, and is
always left on.

The regulator is replaced with a simple valve, and it easily disconnects
from the grill for storage.

At the far end of the hose, I added a good ball valve. It's probably not necessary, but I like knowing that the gas line is shut off well.

After all, the gas will be on whenever the stove is on, and it would be a drag to
a gas leak.

I hacked the handle down with my Handy Dremel Tool, so that it was short, and then dipped it in some
rubbery goop.

For now, the hose is coiled up and stuffed in a Sunbrella bag, but I might see if it can be slid in and out of the locker,
using the same Trident fittings used elsewhere.