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August 2008--

I'm using the Frigoboat system for my refrigerator / freezer.

The system is controlled by a Smart Speed Controller, that keeps the compressor at the lowest power consumption, based on system performance. If the freezer isn't getting cooler, it speeds up the compressor.

The thermostat is a Carel digital thermostat.

The thermostat uses
compression connections,
designed so that you just stick the wire in and clamp down on it.
I really don't like those, so I'm using flat blade connectors.

Here's the package label.

I found them on the internet at Newark. It's part 150730.

They're made of tin plated copper, just like Ancor Marine connectors.

Here are the flat blade connectors.
The ones shown are for small control wires.

The compressor is a standard Danfoss compressor. Because of the keel cooler, it has no fan or pump. It does have a little tiny heat sink on the back side, just to cool down the oil
in the compressor.

I made a special shelf for it, which will be bolted down to the boat. That way I can move the entire unit out for servicing easily, without having to fuss around with the mounts.

The compressor is bolted down with Tee Nuts on the bottom.

Here it is, bolted down.

I put two big 1/2" thick strips of rubber under the compressor shelf. In addition to the compressor mounts, this really keeps vibration down.

The big square thing in the front is to protect the compressor. This is, after all, the shelf under the sink in the galley, and I know stuff will get shoved in here. I may put a plexiglass scrap on there as well, after the system has been running for a while and I know I won't have to
play with it.