Storage Baskets for the Galley Fridge

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September 2008--

Once the new fridge was finished, it was time to
load it up.

A top loading fridge/freezer can be a royal pain if they aren't organized well.

Beer is always
at the bottom!

So I grabbed the nearest basket, and started experimenting.

This basket is too big.
Getting it in and out of the hatch opening is a real pain.

The shelf inside the fridge
is seven inches wide.

It can slide back and forth easily, since I put polyethylene bars
across the bottom.

I spent a few days
shopping (yuck,) even visiting specialty container stores,
trying to find small baskets that would fit on the shelf.
Ideally, they would stack, as well.

I was hoping to find six inch wide milk crates, or something similar.

So I'm still working on this.
If you have a solution you think is perfect, please let me know at:

I found these little bins at an
Office Supply store,
sold as desktop organizers.

They're six inches by three inches.

I think they're too small,
but I can fit four of them
on the shelf, and move them in and out of the fridge easily.


Over the years, I've saved
old dishwasher baskets.

Okay, I'm a pack rat. As I bought new dishwashers, I saved the old baskets, thinking that they might come in useful someday.

Well, they kinda sorta work,
but it's still not perfect.