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November 2003 -- Well, I never thought I'd dedicate a page to a Macerator pump,
but I do have something to say.

It is really important to watch the length of your hose, both for odor control, and to keep things organized.
(It's a bad thing when hoses block easy access to the sea cocks.)

Given my boat, it was important to get a pump that could be rebuilt to output in any direction.

This picture is a bit of a
mind bender.

I was laying on the cabin sole with my head on the floor of the head, looking up into the little space under the sink.

The point of this picture is to mention that a macerator pump shouldn't be vertical with the motor directly below the pump housing. (Crud can leak through the seals and get into the motor.) Well, I got it about 20 degrees off center, so perhaps stuff will go down the hose rather than leak into the motor.

I spent four months looking at it..
I believe that this is the best way.

Regarding wiring..

Label everything.
Do it.
It doesn't have to look good.
Just do it.

Label the ground wire, too.

Anyone who's ever worked on a head knows that it's really cramped down there.

This is the Jabsco pump, which has four bolts holding onto the pump assembly.

Before getting this pump, I purchased a different well-known pump,
which has *three* bolts.
I figured that the impeller housing had to be reversible, and that
the unit was ready for me to spin the housing over.
Well.. no. So the other one went back to the store.

I needed to make the pump output in any direction,
and the Jabsco pump can be rebuilt to output up or down, because everything lines up.

This pump also has an unjam mechanism that can be handled easily.
It doesn't need a special tool.



I was surprised to find that the wire on the Jabsco was tinned copper, rather than the cheap wire
with dipped ends
that most manufacturers are
getting away with these days.


Whatever. It works. I wish the motor was above the macerator housing, but I'd rather stock a spare pump than have five feet of hose winding about under the sink just so the pump is the other way around..
This installation is easy to access, repair or replace.