Head Door Mirror

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July 2007 --

A quick little thing
I've always wanted to do.

The Landfall 38 head door has a huge louvered vent. Actually, all my doors do.

But there's no reason for it in the head.


Tap Plastics cut two pieces of
1/4" plexiglass mirror that will fit into the space.

I didn't want to use glass for this, because if anything happens the whole cabin sole would be covered with broken glass. It's a door, after all, and it has been known to slam around.

I drilled a hole about an inch in from each corner.

The head has two opening ports, an opening port
in the cabin top, and a dorade box.

Okay, I added two of the opening ports, but even before that it was extremely well ventilated.

So the louvered vents in the door just let
sounds and odors into the main cabin.

The holes are oversized, so the screw doesn't actually touch the plastic. I also used nylon washers. In this application, I'm not worried about stress or expansion,
but what the heck. I don't want it to crack when the boat twists or the door slams.

Here's the inside.

I think I'll replace the nylock nuts with crown nuts, just to be pretty.

Or maybe not.
I'm not all that picky about it.

The mirror leaves about 1/16" of room on all sides. Rather than seal that up,
I think I'll let it be.

There's enough room for air
to get in and out, and any moisture trapped behind the mirror can evaporate without creating rot.
Caulk would be counterproductive.


These special bits are made for drilling plastics.
I guess the shape reduces heat
or chipping.


In the main cabin, with the door closed, it provides a handy place to stop and comb one's hair or make sure that one doesn't have a bugger hanging out of the nose or whatever.

I just need to make sure that other folks know that it's plastic, and ammonia based glass cleaners will craze it. That shouldn't be a problem, since I don't have any ammonia based window cleaners on the boat.

In this picture you can also see that I replaced the stock door hinges with a long piano hinge. Eventually I'll do that to all my doors, because all the hinges are "screwed up." (sorry)