Helm Cocktail Holders

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March 2004 --

Hey, they can't ALL be
fancy impressive projects!

After ripping off the old
25 year old Datamarine
instrument pods at the helm and replacing with Nexus over the companionway, I'm left with
these little shelves
on either side.

Eventually I'll rework the whole pedestal, but that's on the schedule for 2007 or so, and in the meantime those little ugly things can be put to good use.

These cup holders are from "BoatMates", and are designed to just stick on with
suction cups.

Suction cups suck.

I drilled a hole to one side, which fits over the little peg on the shelf (far left) and keeps the cup holder from spinning around.

Then it's just bolted on to the pedestal.


They even have a slot for a coffee cup handle.