Cockpit VHF

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This is a wired cockpit remote for my ICOM VHF.

Using a handheld at the helm works for short range, but the antenna needs to be higher
to get decent reception.

There wasn't a decent place to mount it,
so I made this little thing out of fiberglass.

It shares the mounting bracket for the cockpit stereo remote.
One knob allows both remotes to rotate around the post, although I think I'll just leave it like this.

I need to make a little Sunbrella sleeve to hide the wires.

The holder is made from prefab fiberglass from McMaster-Carr, epoxied together and painted with Interlux Polyurethane. The round part was made by cutting out slices with a 4.5" hole saw, then cutting the inside of the plug out with a 4" hole saw.
The hole thing was ground into shape
with my bench belt sander.

Wiring was, naturally, a pain.

I had to cut the plug off to run the wire, then splice it back on.

Details are on the Splicing Instrument Wires page.

There's an additional Nexus Multidisplay and new Sony wired remote for the stereo.

After thinking about where to put the mike to avoid messing up the Ritchie compass, I decided to mount it here anyway.
With three GPS units, and a Fluxgate Compass that only draws 1/10 Amp, I never really use the Ritchie. If I need to use it, I'll just unplug the microphone
and move it away
from the compass.

Update 2007 --

After rebuilding the steering system,
I put a Navpod on the new grab rail.

Update June 2004 -- Unfortunately,
there's a big magnet in there for the nice, loud speaker. It's right next to the compass.
Go Figure. Hmmm, didn't think of that.
Time to consider a Plan B.