New Rig
(Well, when I created this page in 2002 it was a new ri g...)

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Sheesh -- A new Rig is a tough project.
By the time this gig is done, I'll have rebuilt or replaced everything from the hull to the sheaves.
(Hey, if you talk to Glen, tell him you saw this page on Wally's web site.. maybe I can get a free rig tune out of it!)

Pulling and painting the Mast


Mast Collar


Mast Step -




(The boom was a big deal, but I didn't get around to take any pictures, and now it's over.)




Putting it all back together


How Much Did It Cost?


Some Other Pics

A few pics of wiring stuff



And a fiberglass thing to cover the mainsail track slot.


Wow. I haven't had to worry about the rig in years. In 2008 I pulled it, and
it was still bulletproof.

Generic Spartite equivalent