Repower and rebuild under the cockpit

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Pull the engine

New Stuffing Box



New Fuel Tank


Build new engine stringers


Engine Room - Misc Details

Control Cables

Fancy New Prop


Insert Engine



Water Strainer

Tuning the Tachometer


The Exhausting
Exhaust System

Engine Wiring


Re-install the prop shaft key

Q3 2005 -- Well shucks, it's time. When I bought the boat, I knew in my heart that I was going to repower.
The surveyor said: "You've got a hull."
She was a project boat, after all. But first I did the rig. It was good to pour all that money and energy
into the rig first thing out of the gate, because the rig is the heart of the boat,
and now my rig is over engineered and rock solid.
Rebuilding the rig from the hull up redefined "expensive" for me, and I know that this project will be the same.

Now, after five years, it's time to do it.