Pull the engine

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October 2005 --

After three weekends of preparation,
it's time to pull the engine.

So, naturally, it started to rain.

The tow boat from Svendsen's
showed up at 8:30 a.m., and
we pulled Stella Blue over to the crane.
Then I pulled the dodger.

I brought a bunch of lumber
from home, to build a ramp.

Also, naturally, whenever I try to take a day away from work, all hell breaks loose.
My cell phone never stopped ringing.

I had a four foot long hunk of 3/4" plywood that fit perfectly under the engine and out into the cabin.

We rigged a come-along
between the engine and the mast.

The first thing out
was the transmission and V Drive.

We still had to be very careful
to avoid the shaft
and the sea cocks.

Looking down the companionway,
with a puller on the shaft coupling.

Barry and Dennis are discussing
how to get this monster out of here
without hitting the shaft
or the sea cocks which are
right in front of the engine.

I think my camera lens was wet all day,
because all of my pictures are
slightly out of focus.

Then we used the crane to lift the engine up
so that the mounts could be removed.

The mounts are on 24 inch centers,
and my companionway is only 22 inches wide.

Even with the mounts off,
there was only about 1/2 inch of clearance.

Then we pulled it out very slowly.

It came out much easier than I would have believed.

The prep work
paid off.


More discussion.

I brought a couple of 4x6 beams,
so the engine could be bolted down.

Taking the engine mounts off
changed that plan.


With no fuel, engine, or bulkheads,
I'm sitting
pretty high
in the stern.

There's a lot of room in here now.

It sure is going to be nice
when this is all cleaned up.

I really should have cleaned the rain from my camera lens.