Padeye for asym turning block

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March 2005 -

Time to rig the boat for an asymmetrical,
( which a friend sold me for next to nothing.)
The asym came from a Catalina 36,
and has only been used 5 times. It will fit, and for the price I don't care if it isn't perfect.
I just want to make the boat go.

There really isn't a good place to mount big blocks to turn the sheets, so I mounted these padeyes on the deck next to the rail. They're on 1.5" thick fiberglass pads, so that the blocks can clear the teak toe rails and (hopefully) not scrape all the varnish off. I might need to put a little stainless strip on top of the teak rail. We'll see.

The pads are made by epoxying three pieces of 1/2" thick fiberglass sheet from McMaster-Carr.

That made a 1.5" thick block, which I ground into shape on a bench belt sander
and painted with Interlux polyurethane.

Mounting was a bit of a trick, as there's core under part of block . I ended up putting a flat fiberglass plate underneath, then filling the void with epoxy putty -- just like the stanchion base backing plates.
So the bolts are three inches long, through solid glass and epoxy.