Sliding Bench Storage Rails

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September 2003 -- Since the day I bought this boat, I've been planning on making cabinets for this area over the starboard bench. The way things are looking, that still won't get near the top of the list for years. In the meantime,

I've played the usual games with bungee cords and stuff, but the bottom line is that the boat*can* heel 40 degrees on a starboard tack and everything ends up on the floor. That's annoying.

Naturally, only light, unbreakable objects are kept on the starboard side, so everything heavy is on the port side.
That's annoying.

Temporary solutions have a tendency to become permanent, so I took a little time and made this match the rest of the woodwork.

It's just two 1.75" wide, 3/4" thick magogany rails.

The only reason this is worth mentioning is the attachment.

My shrouds attach to these 1/2" steel rods that go down and bolt to the hull.
So I used polyethelene straps from McMaster-Carr (part number 8871T33)
that are screwed into little mahogany blocks.

Polyethelyne won't rattle, and it's slippery.

These are the blocks after cutting and shaping on a router table.
You can tell I just slapped it together out of scrap wood and then sanded everything smooth...

Anyway, both of the rails slide up if anything big needs to be put in there,
although most stuff can fit without having to slide them.

Now I just need to come up with a trick place to store all those charts!