Main Cabin Cork Board

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November 2007 --

Another easy thing I've wanted for years.

We've all gone digital, but it's nice to have a place to stick up pictures and stuff.

This little spot in the main cabin is easy to see, but you can't really put anything seriously useful there.

This hunk of 1/2" cork board has been around the house for a year. It comes with a "self adhesive" backing, but after sitting in a normal home environment the adhesive film is already
starting to fall off.

It's a good thing I waited!

I just pulled the film off, and had a piece of normal cork board.

There. Of course, now I need a picture. is one of my company's clients, so I signed up for that service and uploaded some digital pics.

After tracing the PVC onto the cork,
I set down some masking tape
so that my saber saw wouldn't
damage the cork.

Then I smeared the foam PVC
with 3M 5200.

HA. I found a good use for 5200.

5200 is really a flexible glue,
not a caulk, and I never use it for anything that might ever
need to be taken apart again.

The cork was set onto the backing, and pressed down hard.

I sandwiched the cork and backing between pieces of wood,
and clamped it down well.

With the cork firmly attached to a nice, light, strong
back panel, it was
time for the frame.

These little scraps of mahogany were left over from the quarterberth lining.
The cork was carefully sanded square using my bench belt sander, and the frame clamped on with epoxy.

Then the whole thing
was sanded down.

Cork is a wood, so I just sanded the whole thing with 150 grit on a palm sander.

It was sprayed with six coats of MinWax Spar Urethane. After experimenting with a scrap, it was really interesting to find that the cork could be sprayed without damage.

The varnish just soaked into the cork,
and seemed to disappear. This is actually cool, since it seals it from humidity
and moisture, and helps it
repel dirty finger marks.

The whole assembly was fastened to the liner with screws and finish washers.

I didn't want to glue it to the boat.

This little piece of foam PVC came from Tap Plastics.
Color doesn't matter, so I asked them to just grab
a scrap. It's 24x8 inches.

This is the same material I used for my headliner,
and it's very light.