Replace the galley cabinet doors

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February 2007 --

Another little thing I've always wanted to do.
The lighting doesn't do them justice.

The old doors on the galley cabinets were really annoying.
These look nicer.

The latches are also handles.

The old galley doors were
like this one in the head.

The problem was,
they really didn't open well.
Here it is, opened
as far as it would go.
It's annoying.

I'm n

The new doors are made from planks of 1/2" African mahogany, glued together with good strong lap joints.

A stock, premade teak louvered insert from Marinco/AFI is set
into the mahogany.

I suppose if I were to do it again,
I'd use a router to make the edges of the louvered insert deeper,
as it really doesn't need to stand as proud of the mohogany.
But it really doesn't matter.

The doors swing up,
attached with a thin piano hinge.

I like piano hinges,
because they're really strong,
and use so many screws that any load is shared among a lot of fasteners.

It's just fastened
to the existing teak trim,
although the screws go into the plywood bulkhead.

This is a standard spring type
hatch holder.

It worked out well, and when the door is unlatched it
springs into action (sorry)
and almost opens the door by itself.

A thin strip of closed cell foam weatherstripping helps keep the door from banging shut.

Over the ice box,
construction was a bit tricker because of existing cabinetry.

I made two doors.
One is built just like
the one over the stove,
and swings up.

The second is solid,
and swings from the side.
I don't think I'll use it much, and it's good to split the doors up because a lot of things end up
living back in that corner.

The little door in back just swings out like this. I keep pots that I rarely use in that back corner.


It's held closed with a little spring loaded ball bearing latch.