Galley Knife Rack

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February 2009 --

Actually, I did this in November,
but got busy hauling out and never finished the page.
Perhaps the project isn't finished, either,
as there's one improvement I'd like to make.

I've had this old wood block for many years,
and have owned most of these good knives for over 30 years.

But it won't work on a boat, even if I bolt the block down,
as the knives can potentially fall out.
They're good cooking knives, and they're razor sharp.

Here's the finished rack.

It's mounted on the only remaining spare bulkhead space in the galley, down low under the counter.

I took a one plank of mahogany, and routed slots into one side, then took a thinner plank and glued it to the back.

The hinged section doesn't have a plank on the back side, so that it can press in against the bulkhead.

A small piece of solid rubber shock cord is screwed onto the left side, by the stove, to put some tension
on the center piece.

Here's a picture of the hinged center piece
before assembly.

Of course, all the knives are of slightly different thickness, so two of them are gripped well and two are loose. I should take this piece off and route a couple of slots down a fraction, but don't know
if I ever will.

When sailing, I can just stick a towel behind the handles to keep them from falling out if the boat is knocked down.

So I laid them out
and took some measurements.

I really don't need that carving knife, but it was a gift from a good friend in 1977,
and I can't toss it. But I might need
to keep it elsewhere.

The French knife is really too big. A six inch French knife would be better on a boat.
But, again, it was a gift, and is also
a very good knife.