Sliding Cabinet Doors in the Main Cabin

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August 2008--

Back in 2003, I made these sliding mahogany rails to keep stuff from falling off the shelf when the boat's heeled over.

They were always meant to be a temporary solution.

The plastic track slides came from McMaster-Carr,
part number 1717A3.

The teak channel is screwed down to the existing small shelf behind the bench.

I set it up an inch, so that air can flow under the doors and keep
the storage area ventilated.

The track slides sit inside a teak channel.

I'm trying to use up all the wood scraps in my garage, so the channel is actually made from two shorter pieces of teak.

Those pre-made shelves
are bolted to the cherry panels,
with Tee Nuts on the back side.

Here's a view of the top track.

There are a few inches above it that remain open for ventilation.

The track is epoxied to a piece of aluminum angle iron, and the angle iron is bolted to the boat. That keeps it good and strong.

A piece of Philippine Mahogany baseboard is epoxied to the front.

Here's what I finally came up with.

These three panels slide out of the way, leaving good access to
the area behind. Two panels are made from cherry veneer plywood, and the lighter panel is made from
Finnish Birch veneer.

I bolted some little shelves onto the two front panels. They serve as handles, making it easy to slide the panels out of the way.

Also, you can never have too many places to store stuff.