Quick and Easy Spice Racks

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February 2009 --

Back when I first bought the boat, ,I stuck one of these ready-made spice racks above the galley cabinets. It's been fine.

However, as soon as I started to move on board, it was clear more spice storage would be important.

This one is a little wider
(2-1/2") and is on the galley side, next to
the stove.

The idea is really simple.

It's just a small piece of mahogany, with a piece of teak batten along the bottom. The rails are 3/16" brass rods from Home Depot.

It works well enough that I think I'll whip up one for galley soaps, and one in the head for stuff.

Hmm. Looking at the pics, I wonder if the brass bars are high enough to keep spices in place when the boat bounces. I might need to add another one across the top. Oh well.

A pre-made rack
would be really big, but this idea works and only costs about $7.

I made two. This one is on the "back" side of the galley shelf, reachable from the tables in the main cabin.


This picture is from 2005,
after I made the galley shelf above the counter.

I had spent a lot of time thinking about the width of the shelf, because I didn't want it to interfere with one's view of the counter. After living with it for a few years, it will be fine to make it a couple of inches wider.