Trick Little Wood Projects

(pics with borders can be clicked...)

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My favorite boat projects are little custom trick wood things that make my life a little nicer!

Unfortunately, I seem to be spending most of my time on major repair stuff...

Little Mini Table
(November 2002)

Little Wood Shelf for the VHF


Little shelf for the GPS
and external VHF speaker
(September 2002)

Teak Trim around the Mast
(October 2002)

DC Outlets in Main Cabin
(November 2002)

Add a U Shaped Galley
(This isn't little, but it IS trick!)
(October 2002)


Sliding Rails above the
starboard bench
(September 2003)


Build a New Nav Station
from the hull up

Move the companionway steps
(not really a project...)

Mount Flat Panel TV
(July 2005)

Galley Shelf
(September 2005)

Rebuild Companionway Steps
into cool storage boxes

Replace galley cabinet doors
(Feb 2007)


Quarterberth Clothes Cabinet
(March 2007)


New Helm Seat
(March 2007)

Quarterberth Lining
(May 2007)

Main Cabin Cork Board
(Nov 2007)


Cabin Table
(June 2008)

August 2008

Sliding Bench Doors
August 2008

Medicine Cabinet
August 2008


Knife Rack
Feb 2009


Spice Racks
Feb 2009



Cheap Seaboard BBQ Table
March 2009