Cheap window covers

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July 2007 --

A few years back I installed
these opening ports,
and have never regretted it.

I never got around to making covers,
so the sun is starting to damage the finish on the side of the galley cabinets.

Folks can see in at night, which can be annoying during a raft up, or when my neighbors are around the dock.

I bought some fabric to make window shades, but then found a really
cheap and easy solution.

They fit the ports perfectly.

It couldn't be better if I made them myself.

I had picked up one of these cheap floor cleaners to apply wax to my topsides. It worked great for that, and was one of my better ideas.

While looking at it, it really seemed like the soft cover would also fit over my
5 x 12 opening ports.

Here's a picture of the spare covers,
which came from the grocery store and cost a few bucks.

I tried dying them blue
so they'd hide dirt. It looks okay.
However, the dark color makes the cabin too dark even when it's
bright and sunny outside.

I'll probably just use
plain white ones.

Newfound Metals also makes these little tabs to hold the ports open. While the ports have springs on the hinges to hold them open, they don't work very well.