Big DC Wire Diagram

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This page is a continual work in progress.
Many current projects refer to the Big DC Wire diagram, so it makes sense to put it on a separate page that can be updated as the projects are completed.
Otherwise, I'll have a whole bunch of different wiring diagrams on different pages.

My tenure with the boat started with an existing Ample Power alternator and regulator.
The three bank isolator was also existing. So were the two A/B switches. The charger was an old "ConstaVolt", which was first on my list to go.

July 2004 -- It's getting a bit cleaner.

This is the diagram after replacing the old battery charger with a new Xantrex smart charger
with Link 2000R monitor, wiring in the Echo Charge and removing the old three post Isolator.

Hooking up the regulator is next on the list.
The Ample Power regulator is actually just fine,
and is an excellent piece of hardware.
I got a good deal on the 2000R,
and I like the thought of seeing all the charging stages through the Link monitor.
I'll keep the Ample Power as a backup.

The A/B switch between the house banks
is always on 'ALL', as I always keep those in parallel
as one huge house bank. Replacing the A/B with a simple On/Off and hard wiring the banks in parallel is a possibility, but doesn't make a lot of sense.
Heck, it isn't broke. This will allow me to isolate the banks if I get a bad cell or have a problem.

The Xantrex Freedom charger has an integral
'Echo Charge', so that's used
to top off the start battery.
I left in the other A/B switch,
to manually start off the House banks.