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This is a little page about crimping and sealing connectors.

With the heat shrink still hot, crimp it with needle-nosed pliers or vice grips.

With practice, you can mash it down and push it back at the same time, so that it doesn't cover too far.


I once used connectors with integral heat shrink covers, but my ratchet crimper cracks the heat shrink.
(Ancor makes another crimper that
doesn't do that, but it costs 4x more.)

Most connectors can be covered with 1/4" heat shrink. The hardest part is sealing the end, but if it's slipped over like shown, it will shrink up to cover the end without leaving a lot of extra on the flat side.

I got this one right
the first time.

This is a 'Step Down Butt Connector'. The side with the mashed blue mark takes 14/16 gauge wire, and the other side takes 10/12 gauge wire.
I like them for splices or when breaking a single wire out into a 'Y'.

In this case, a single 16g wire goes in one side, and two 16g wires feed out the other side. When feeding two wires into a crimp, make sure that they feed on top of each other as shown. See how the two wires fit into the little round area that the crimper makes? If they go in side by side, the crimper will
mash them and expose the wire. The whole thing is then covered with
heat shrink for strength and moisture proofing.

That particular connection feeds the dual 12V DC outlets in the Nav Station.


This step-down connector is performing
the more common use -- connecting a small wire
to a bigger one. In this case it's the small power leads
from the Nexus Server for sailing instruments.

This connector
has the heat shrink
too far.

It's no big deal to trim it back with a utility knife. Be careful not to scrape off the tin that covers the copper.