Behind the cockpit panel

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It seemed like a good time to epoxy a piece of plywood under the cockpit, and add three bus bars.

Left is Ground, and all the panel ground connections are migrating to it, rather than being daisy chained together. It's grounded to the shunt.

In the center is Switched Hot, which goes Hot when
the main keyed switch is on.

To the far right is a small bar for Panel Lights. Right now it's jumpered over to the Switched Hot, but I wanted to
keep the lights separate,
just to keep my options open.

July 2004 -- The back of the instrument panel in the cockpit was the only place where I hadn't traced out every wire, and that caused a problem!

For some reason, the panel was grounded by splicing into the ground wire for the engine room blower and when I removed the old blower wires I also disconnected the ground to the panel.
That caused the panel to find it's own ground through the fuel gauge sender,
which naturally blew it out. Oh well.
After removing all the tape and tie wraps behind the panel and tracing the wires,
I found the ground wire.

No, this isn't the way it will look when I'm done... but this is the way it's going to look for a while!
I didn't touch wires that are working fine, since I expect to repower in 2005.
This is just setting the groundwork for the new panel.