Little Teeny Instrument Wires

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August 2008 --

Well, after putting this page together in June, and being proud of myself for finally figuring out a way to deal with tiny little instrument wires, I received an email from someone saying,
"I just use these flat blade connectors from Newark,
Part 150730."

They come in sizes for various wire gauges,
but don't come in a size for 24 gauge tiny wires.

However, if you strip off a double length
and fold the wire over, you can get a good crimp.

Also, for connections that share wires,
like NMEA OUT connections, they're perfect.


They're made of tin plated copper,
just like Ancor Marine connectors.

In this case, I didn't extend the heat shrink over the end, because I wasn't sure if I needed the entire length of the blade to
insert into the refrigerator thermostat.

But, for the rest of my connections, I've extended the heat shrink over the entire red cover, to seal the end of the wire.


Here's a picture of the package, so that you can search for the manufacturer and part number on the internet. I haven't found anyone who stocks them locally.

So, I've gone back and redone all my instrument wires, using these connectors.