Miscellaneous wiring stuff

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This cool box is from Fry's, a regional electronics superstore. It's cool because the top has lots of little compartments for connectors, and the bottom has big compartments for solder and heat shrink and other stuff.

After taking this pic, I discovered that they make the exact same box but a size larger, so that it holds twice as many connectors *and* the tools.

Speaking of multimeters, these Fluke (tm) Alligator clips that just slip over the end of the probes are worth the $10.

Here I'm testing the wires to the
Nexus instruments to make sure
they're carrying power.

This thing comes in really handy when I want to see if something actually works before going through the trouble of actually installing it.

Sure, a multimeter is great, but sometimes it's nice to see a light turn on, test the switches, all that stuff.

It's just a 12 lighter plug, but the plug is well insulated and covered with heat shrink. The heat shrink actually is holding it together, since I had to break it apart to attach the wires. There's about 5 feet of 12g Ancor wire, then two big clips.

If I were to make it again, I'd
offset the clips so that they can't touch.

I firmly believe in labeling wiring. It just takes a second, and has saved me untold hours trying to remember what's what.

It's critical at the wiring panel. It seems like common sense,
but there were no labels on my boat when I took over.

This little screwdriver is great
for working on electrical panels.

It came from Home Depot, but you can get them anywhere. I covered the shank of the tool with heat shrink tube, to insulate it.

When working on the panels, I like to replace the original screws with phillips head, 3/8" long #10-32 screws. The longer screw makes it easier to work on the panel, and phillips head screws are better than slotted.