Wiring the Running Lights

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March 2004 -
The only big deal about this
is making it waterproof,
since the wires run
though the anchor locker --
essentially outside the boat.

I used a 'step down' butt connector for the splice, to make room
to hold two wires on one side.

Note that there's small heat shrink around the pigtails from the port bow lights, to make the insulation thicker (the starboard light is sheathed.) Then there's another layer of heat shrink (not shown)
binding the pigtails together.

The stern light was really corroded after all these years, so I replaced it with
a shiny new one, with
a new lens.

I seriously doubt the old one was visible from 2 miles away.

The back of the light
is sprayed with a urethane coating to prevent corrosion.

Then the whole assembly is covered in thick adhesive lined heat shrink -- the kind used for battery terminals.

This should be waterproof.

When connecting the new wires to the DC panel,
I removed *the last* of the original wiring connections.
Now I can just rip out old wire wherever I see it without worry.