Float Plans

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This page is here for friends and family who might wonder where I am.
It's a good idea for someone to know if I'm safely at anchor or under way,
and if under way where am I heading and when I expect to arrive.
(Note: Don't freak out if I don't update this page immediately upon arrival.)

Vessel: s/v Stella Blue
USCG# 634564
Length: 38 feet
Power: inboard diesel
Rig: Sloop. Two red stripes painted at top of mast
Hull: Tan
Range: 270 miles under power at 5 knots
Departure     Destination      
date location   location stops en route estimated arrival  
      anchored off Cabo San Lucas   11/5/2009  
12/xx/2009 Cabo San Lucas   La Paz
(for a month or so)
        Los Frailes 12/2/2009 might stay a day or two - good diving  
        Ensenada de los Muertes 12/4 (still here 12/6)  
Balandra Cove
        La Paz 12/8 - Arrived Safely, will be here a month  
1/7 La Paz   Just Cruising the islands and coast for 10 days with friends. Caleta Partida, Isla San Francisco, Evaristo, Ensenada Grande returned 1/20  
2/9 La Paz  

Puerto Vallarta

crew: Mark Goetz, Cricket

Balandra, Muertos, then a long passage to PV


2/15, unless we wait out weather at Muertos.  
2/22 PV   PV Local Anchorages around Banderas Bay 3/3, back to La Cruz  
3/30 PV  


Crew: Cricket

Chacala Bay - 3/30
San Blas - 4/1
Isla Isabella - 4/8
Mazatlan - 4/12
4/12 in Mazatlan
arrived safe
5/27 Mazatlan   Muertos or Frailes, depending on the breeze. Then up the coast to Santa Rosalia.   Arrived safely at Muertos 5/29  
5/31 Muertos   Santa Rosalia Cove Hopping, no specific anchorages in mind. I want to be in Santa Rosalia by 6/11. We'll see.  
8/5 Santa Rosalia   Bahia De Los Angeles Caleta Santa Maria, Bahia San Francisquito I should hit Bahia LA on 8/9/2010  
9/25 BLA   Santa Rosalia Bahia San Francisquito Expected arrival 10/27 or 10/28. Breezes from ENE up to 22 knots are forecast. Might not leave until Sunday, still thinking about it.  
10/19 Santa Rosalia   La Paz Many

11/1 -- It's only 200 miles, and I have two weeks, and there are a lot of places to hang. Weather is forecast to be mild, but out of the North. That's good.

Arrived 11/1

12/08 La Paz  

La Cruz
crew: Cricket

Muertos, Frailes, then straight to La Cruz

Expect to arrive on 12/13 or 12/14

Made it in on the 15th. Whew.

4/4/11 La Cruz   San Blas   Just a long day. Taking off to La Paz when the weather is right.  
4/6/11 San Blas   Baja Expect to landfall at Muertos, but will go where the breezes take us. Expect to arrive 4/9.  
5/19/2011 La Paz   Puerto Escondido Many, will cove hop north, picking spots as I go. Expect to hit Santa Rosalia in July, that's about the extent of the plan.