July 6, 2002

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Here's Ginger and Rick, sister and brother in law (respectively.)

I keep forgetting to take sailing pictures, although how many pictures of the SF Bay do you really need to see!

This particular day the tide was heading in, and the breezes were mild
(10-15 knots).
Very comfortable.

This is the Mari-Cha III,
just doing a little fun sail.
There were a bunch of folks on board just enjoying the view...
a week before the boat starts the division G run for the Pacific Cup
to Hawaii. It's a pretty fast boat.
Even with reefs in this 147 foot sled was going faster than my C&C L38.
Gee... go figure.

However, this boat is rated at -180, and I'm rated at 128 or something.
(I'm not sure, as I really don't care!)

So if you figure they have to give me
5 minutes per mile, I think I was outsailing them. Nyah nyah.
(Hardy har.)


Fog over the golden
gate... a classic pic.

I don't know why
nobody's out sailing
this morning. Odd.
It's flat, smooth, and

Rick was our designated driver. Either he's a natural at this, or else my boat's really easy to keep on track.

Usually when I'm letting someone else drive, they tend to fall off to leeward. Rick has a good feel for this, though!

Note how flat the water is!

I got to dig out the cockpit table and use the galley. It's nice to do something with this boat besides repair and maintain it!

Used the BBQ for the first time!

Killed two bottles of wine, and ate some great summer white sweet corn and good steaks!

Yeah, that's me.