June 21, 2003

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Back to Home -- Fun Stuff -- s/v Stella Blue Home

The America's Cup boats were doing the Sausalito Cup on the SF Bay,
and as luck would have it we tacked over to the city front
at the perfect time. It's blowing 22-25 knots and flat --
just before slack and the breeze is with the tide.

Here comes Larry!

Ahh Shucks!
I missed.

They're too fast.

All of my pics of their sails show the same ripples. I think Larry's pinching it
right on the edge.

my breeze.

Can they
do that?


Right now they're saying, "Hey look at that pretty boat with the new sails!"

I can't seem to keep up
with these guys.

I'm hauling in a few weeks to clean up my bottom.

Maybe they'll come back out
for a rematch in July.

NZL-14 (or NZL-20) is pointing
about 3 or 4 degrees
higher than me.

This is a collision course.

Who cares about right of way...
I fell off 100 feet
to get out of the way.

(BTW, I was just trying to get out the Gate... and this course adjustment cost me two tacks and we ended up between a tanker and a bridge pylon.
So... I'll never get out of the way of a racer again.)

Here's NZL-20 (or NZL-14) in front of Alcatraz. ---- They waved back.
(I need a better camera... what's so hard about focusing?)

The Golden Gate Bridge.

'Ramming Speed!'

I think I can T-bone him if I can just go a little faster!

Maybe we can cross tacks and
I'll make the cover of Latitude 38!

That's a funny looking burgee!

That sail probably cost more than my whole boat...