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This gadget just made changing a belt simple.

With my V-Drive and tight engine room,
a lot of front end engine work is done by feel, because I'm just too big, old and stiff to fit into some spots. To be honest, I've never actually seen the view to the left with my own eyes, but held the camera out and snapped back at the engine.

That would explain why it's so dirty.

The old belt needed replacing, and I put it off just because I was dreading the thought of trying to lever the alternator out while tightening the bolt while balanced on one elbow and mashing my face into the bulkhead. It shouldn't be that big a deal, but logistically it was daunting.

For $10, this Belt Tightener from JC Whitney let me tighten my new belt exactly where I want it, then leave it there, take a break, and come back to tighten the alternator down.

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Update January 2010 - Aw, Heck. I just checked, and they don't carry it any more.
Good luck on the search,