Easy Homemade Gate Pulls

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July 2007 -

I finally got tired of fighting with the little tiny split rings on my gates, and decided to put little rope pulls on them.

But the "ready made" rope pulls are about $10 each, and I need six.

Heck with that. I made some.

It was something to do while watching TV.

Then pull the top end down and
make the knot look like this.

The trick is to keep everything going
"over and under."

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This part gets a little tricky.

Grab one bitter end, and loop it back around so it looks exactly like this. Again, the trick is to keep everything looped "over and under."

The first step was to figure out
what kind of knot to use.

So I pulled out Ashley's Book of Knots,
started looking at pictures
and trying some knots.

The little round "Knife Lanyard" knot
seemed pretty cool.


Step 1 for this knot was to grab a four foot length of rope, and wrap it behind my hand.

Then pull the bottom part up and make a loop, with the bitter end underneath.

Then do the same with the other bitter end.

It's important to keep the knot flat at this point, and not let the rope get twisted.

Then both of the ends get pushed up through the middle of the knot.

"Over and Under."

I found that it was easiest to put a finger through the center of the knot, and work the knot tighter and tighter.

Now the knot is basically done.

It just has to be tightened up.
Don't pull on the loop or the ends, it'll just make a mess.

Grab one loose strand, and tighten it up,
working it through until it exits the knot.

The ends are well secured inside the knot, so I cut them off about 1/8" from the knot.

Ta Da


Almost done.

At this point it's safe
to remove the finger.

Once the whole knot is tight, adjust the loop to the required size, and work the excess down through the knot and out the bottom.

After they were done, I started to install them and
discovered that the little "split" rings are really tough to split apart.

In fact, they almost seemed to be lightly welded together.
By the time I managed to split the ring apart and slide the rope pull on,
I had wrecked the ring and it wouldn't snap back together.
That ring is really important. If it comes off,
the whole assembly will fall apart and parts will go everywhere.

So for the rest of the gates, I made new pulls right on the ring, sitting at the boat. By that time it only took about five minutes to make each one.

They were carefully melted a little bit with a lighter,
and mashed down flat.